Jodis + Se, 50mg\dm3

Jodis + Se, 50mg\dm3

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Страна   Німеччина
Об'єм   500 мл.
Производитель   Йодис-К

Description Jodis + Se, 50mg\dm3

For a full life all life requires different vitamins, trace elements and other useful substances.

Therefore, iodine and selenium - such important microelements for human health, are also vital for the growth and development of the animal and plant world.

"Jodis + Se" is a product specially designed to take care of the health of domestic and farm animals, fish, other mammals and insects.

It uses the best forms of organic iodine and selenium, which makes it possible to obtain a stable positive result.

The action of each of these trace elements is very useful. And the possibility of entering the body of iodine and selenium simultaneously enhances the effect of each other and makes their properties really priceless.

Iodine and selenium participate in the regulation of the growth and development of animals, take an active part in the synthesis of thyroid hormones, regulate and maintain immunity, have a powerful antioxidant effect, improve all biochemical processes in the body and many others. other

Thus, for the high-grade and high-quality livelihoods of "our smaller brothers", it is highly recommended to add "Jodis + Se" to the process of their aspiration / feeding both in production and in the home.

"Jodis + Se" is used:

In poultry: for lengthening the life of the bird, reducing the case, increasing the weight gain, improving the quality of the egg, reducing the amount of food, medicines, etc.

In the LIVESTOCK: to obtain a healthier offspring of young animals, to increase the quantity and quality of the final product (meat and milk), etc.

FOR USEFUL INSECTS (bees): for the purpose of obtaining a healthier offspring, increasing the quantity and quality of the final product, allows successfully surviving the winter.

FOR FISH: for the purpose of increasing the productivity and obtaining a healthier youngster, the realization of the general strengthening effect.

FOR REPTILES: in order to obtain a healthier offspring, better growth and development.

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